The divorce lawyers state that marriage separations happen for multiple reasons instead of one. These reasons are commonly observed as causing splits between partners.

Lack of Commitment

It is one of the top reasons for a divorce between married couples. Many people fail at commitment and let their marriage go down the inevitable road of divorce. It is an underlying reason for several other issues as well. The lack of commitment can show up in relationships as an inability to discuss marital problems, extramarital relationships, lack of common choices in financial decisions, etc.


Many happily married couples drift apart over time and become incompatible with each other. The causes behind divorces are not always due to the fault of one of the spouses; often, it is just due to a lack of compatibility. Having minimal similarity in values and marrying young are a few reasons for incompatibility. People grow a lot in their adult phase. A person may not remain the same after years, which can cause differences between couples. Along with that, sexual issues and differences in religious beliefs can also impact compatibility. Some people manage to get over these difficulties and the ones who do not get divorced.

Lack of communication

Too many arguments or lack of necessary communication can put any relationship to an end, including marriages. It creates conflicts as matters are not discussed. Repetitive arguments can show a lack of effective communication and comprehension between partners. It is essential to discuss things to understand the other perspective and reach a conclusion instead of futile arguments to boost your ego.

Couples therapy can be a useful option to eliminate the issue of miscommunication and allow the partners to discuss things calmly.

Extramarital Affairs

Infidelity is also a commonly observed reason for divorces and splits. Many people are unhappy in their marriages and resort to finding intimacy outside to replace the feelings of loneliness. Disloyalty is also responsible for it.

Domestic Abuse

A lot of people end up filing for divorce after being victims of domestic violence. The abuse can be verbal, emotional, or physical. Its severity cannot be judged by its type. It can cause significant harm, and the victims of domestic violence end up being traumatized for life. It has devastating consequences for the mental and physical state of the victim. It takes years of therapy and rehabilitation to recover from the incidents. Even after that, some victims get scarred for life as the damage done by abuse is irreparable.