One of the quickest ways to generate quality leads to your legal practice is to run a Google Ads campaign, often known as a pay-per-click or PPC campaign.

Just that, it needs to be done correctly.

You probably already know that depending on your area of law, law firm PPC and keywords connected to law firms can be some of the priciest terms on Google. We make sure you receive a decent return on your investment while producing more leads and more calls from high-quality prospects than if you tried to run them yourself, whether you’re a partner or the marketing manager of a law firm.

Common Errors in PPC Management for Attorneys

Internet marketing firms frequently assist lawyers and law firms that have squandered money on unsuccessful legal PPC advertising. Everyone ends up wasting time and money on this, which ultimately benefits Google’s shareholders and rivals. The errors a professional marketer finds most frequently are as follows:

You’re concentrating on the incorrect success metrics

Ad firms frequently talk with businesses who want to know how low we can make their CPA or cost/acquisition or lead. They prefer to change their clients’ perspectives so that they concentrate on cost per case. Which would you prefer: paying $250 per lead and having one out of every three leads become customers, or paying $100 per lead and having one out of every ten leads become customers?

You use loose keywords

For instance, “car accident law” is a poorer keyword than “18-wheeler accident attorney.” While not indicating that the person is specifically looking for a lawyer, the second word is more instructive.

Your landing page lacks appeal

When PPC brings clients to your law business, your website must be ready to use compelling calls to action to turn that visitor into a lead. With testimonials and information about your practice areas that show your experience, your landing page should engender trust. Additionally, it must offer a simple manner for potential customers to get in touch with you. Leads should be able to speak with a live person when they call your legal company. You can record every call with the aid of an answering service.

Insufficient Ad Copy

The benefits of the legal firm’s services should be clearly communicated in the ad copy, which should also be interesting and instructive. Poorer click-through rates and poorer conversion rates can be caused by subpar ad wording.

Negative keywords ignored

Negative keywords are those that ought to be left out of ad targeting since they are ineffective or likely to produce subpar results. Negative keyword use improperly can squander advertising dollars and have bad performance.

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