The most common reason people suffer from PTSD is because of their prior involvement in frightening events. According to studies, it has been found that nearly 3.5% of Americans suffer from PTSD every year. Moreover, it is usually women and veterans who have PTSD. So, if you are someone who suffers from PTSD, you might be able to claim disability benefits. Remember that it is not only the military that can lead to PTSD but also accidents and assaults. For help, you can try reaching out to a nationwide long term disability claims lawyer.

Different categories of PTSD:

According to experts, there are four kinds of PTSD symptoms. These are:

  • Reliving: The symptoms for this category include flashbacks, nightmares, and triggers.
  • Avoidance: Under this category, people tend to avoid reminders, isolate, and lose interest.
  • Increased arousal: The symptoms of this may include irritability, recklessness, vigilance, and physical symptoms.
  • Cognitive/mood: People show symptoms of distorted beliefs, guilt, and shame.

People who may have PTSD and their close ones need to keep an eye out for them regularly. There have been many cases where the symptoms led to depression, substance abuse, and memory issues. Along with psychotherapy, some of the medications experts generally use to treat PTSD are Paxil and Zoloft.

The eligibility criteria:

There are, of course, eligibility criteria that people need to meet in order to get the benefits of SSDI. The criteria are outlined in the Blue Book, Sections 12 and 15. So, people who want to claim benefits have to demonstrate that they are exposed to trauma, are re-experiencing certain events, and are affected by behavioral changes. They have to provide proof that these changes have altered their lives in a significant way. 

Please note that if your benefit claim gets rejected the first time, you should not lose hope. Instead, you should get the help of a disability claim lawyer in Florida. Unfortunately, nearly 70 % of the claims in Florida get rejected. Therefore, we recommend professional help. 

Final thoughts:

When it comes down to proving mental limitations like “extreme” or “marked”, it can be rather difficult since these things are considered subjective. So, while considering your claim, Social Security will also consider your social network and family’s opinion, along with your medical records, to determine whether you qualify. If you have more questions about this, reach out to a competent disability attorney.