Makeup is a popular fashion item nowadays, especially among women. There are many instances where multitasking is a great idea, but it is certainly not when driving. If you have been late to work, college, or an event, you may have tried to apply makeup while driving, which is very wrong and dangerous. 

According to statistics, nearly half of the women know that applying makeup while driving is dangerous, but they are still guilty of doing so due to their busy schedules. Remember that being late is better than never. If you have been injured by another party applying makeup while driving, you deserve compensation. Speak to ​​the Law Office of James T. Ponton, LLC today. 

Applying makeup equals distraction. 

No matter how professional you might be at applying makeup, it is still not safe to do so while driving. When driving, your entire focus should be on the road and nowhere else. When applying makeup, you would have to reach out for the products and look at yourself in the mirror multiple times during the drive, causing visual and manual distractions. 

Many women admit that they apply makeup or do small touch-ups when they stop at traffic signals, but others do it while driving too. When their hands are busy, they use their knees or drive with one hand. This can be extremely dangerous because you may not be prepared for a sudden move. 

Other dangers

There are several other dangers associated with applying makeup while driving. Women who put on makeup may have to use their rear-view mirror, which prevents them from viewing what is behind their cars. This increases the chances of a rear-end accident. 

Applying makeup in a moving car also poses risks of eye hazards. For example, applying mascara in your car is not very good. There might come a situation where you need to press the brakes suddenly, which could result in the mascara wand piercing your eye, thus injuring it. This could cause a severe injury, and you could also go blind. 

You might also face legal trouble. 

While there are no specific laws that ban you from putting on makeup while driving, police officers can still ask you to pull over for any activity that seems distracting. Makeup can cause distracted driving, so you could face legal trouble and fines if you get caught doing so. 

If another party has injured you while putting on makeup, or if you were applying makeup right before the accident happened, talk to an attorney today.