Sensitive data or information are crucial to an organization and must be kept private. Leakages or breaches will cause huge losses and damage to both the company’s reputation and customer’s trust, which is why there are strictly enforced laws and regulations around the world to protect these data. That way, important data assets won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Data leakage is the unauthorized transfer of data assets from the organization to an external recipient or destination. These are done by hackers or asset thieves to sabotage the company, sell the information, or use them for fraud. 

This illegal data transfer can be done in both physical and electronic ways. The most common is through unauthorized third-party access, using malware or spoofing techniques. It can also be through phishing and an ill-intentioned employee with ulterior motives.

Fortune 2000 is the largest group of companies globally ranked by Forbes based on metric sales, assets, profits, and market value. Information leakage crisis in any of these companies could mean a significant loss of revenue, potential harm to their clients, and immeasurable damage to their reputation. 

Organizations such as JPMorgan Chase & Co., The Home Depot, and Walmart already faced leakage of information which caused millions of dollars to their assets and damage to employees and clients. To prevent any more leakages, regulatory bodies Such as Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) require Fortune 2000 companies to archive mobile communications to prevent data Leakage.

AT&T message archiving solutions like Telemessage enables an organization to capture messages and voice calls and archive them to follow communication compliance. Using this centralized and unified AT&T archiving application, organizations can secure critical information when using mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Signal, or WeChat while ensuring compliance with the regulations. This way, organizations prevent leakages that can damage their integrity and reputation.

Learn more about information leakages and the Telemessage app in an infographic from Telemessage.

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