If you are searching for a professional who can represent you on matters relating to US immigration or avoiding getting deported from the country, then an immigration attorney is the perfect perform for you. The deportation attorney isn’t connected with the U.S. immigration authorities but is is is an independent practitioner.

The concerned attorney for immigration and deportation helps the client overcome a plethora of problems concerning immigration benefits, U.S. citizenship, green cards and visas.

What Are Some Of The Basic Functions Of An Immigration Lawyer?

They Help People Facing Immigration Issues

Individuals who are experts at understanding the U.S. immigration law and can provide all the help to immigrant clients to get through the immigration procedure is known as immigration attorney. Immigrants need the help of asylum attorneys because the U.S. immigration law differs from one presidency to another.

Furthermore, the immigration process keeps evolving as well. The immigration attorney also known as a deportation lawyer is also sometimes known as a deportation attorney since they also represent the clients during the deportation hearings.

They Counsel Clients With Immigration Authority Interaction

Most immigrants prefer hiring an asylum attorney since even the pettiest mistakes on green card applications and visa applications can result in the applicant either getting deported or denied. Additionally, immigration attorneys also double up as a counsellor and advisor who helps their clients to interact and communicate with the immigration officials of the U.S.

They Act As A Channel Between Immigration Authorities And Clients

Immigration attorneys don’t spend considerable time resolving civil disputes in the courts, unlike lawyers. However, they can appear in court, in case their client encounters an immigration hearing.


When Would You Need To Hire Deportation Attorneys?

Your chances of committing error mistakes reduce when you hire professional asylum attorneys. Most people would even hire a deportation attorney when they need help with application submission for a green card, or visa. Other situations when you might need to hire an immigration attorney are:

·        Crime Conviction:

The immigrant attorney comes of great help if and when the immigrant applicant has been convicted of a crime. Most of the USCIS form needs that the divulgence of the applicant whether they have alleged a crime. The applicant should reveal their criminal record, inclusive of the charges that were either expunged later or dropped.

·        Application Getting Denied:

If the previous application was denied of the applicant, then the immigration attorney might be required. The best person to understand the reason behind application denial is a deportation attorney. The attorney can further explain and determine whether applying or re-applying the application at a future date is possible.

·        Previous Deportation:

If the applicant was previously excluded from entering the States or deported from the country, then he/she might have to hire an attorney. This is because both deportation and exclusion might hint at applicants being banned from future applications. The attorney can determine whether this is a similar case and suggest to the applicant the deportation effects.

·        Medical Condition:

A person might be restricted from entering the States if he/she suffers from certain communicable illnesses. Only an asylum attorney can help determine whether the medical condition being faced by the concerned person would deem them ineligible for entry to the States.


·        Non-Feasible Waiting Period:

When an applicant is waiting for a longer duration during the application procedure, they must get in touch with an immigration attorney. This is because the immigration attorney is acquainted with the application procedure, its expected wait time and the deadlines. Being an applicant, you can get complete help from the attorney for expediting the process.

·        Non-Cooperative Employer:

If the employer-based visa is being applied by the applicant, where the prospective employer is cooperating with the concerned issues, then the attorney is needed. Only an immigration attorney can ensure that future employers would cater to their applicant’s obligations as promised.

·        Terminated Marriage:

An immigration attorney will be required if the applicant happens to be the spouse of a U.S. citizen, but faces terminated marriage before the applicant could eliminate particular conditions from their permanent resident status. Marriage based visa applications are filed jointly. If the marriage termination happened either because of divorce or death, then it might become challenging to prove that the marriage was not based on fraudulence.

If you are unsure about any part of the immigration procedure, then you must consult a deportation attorney. The smallest mistakes can result in something major like deportation or application denial. An experienced asylum attorney can help you to understand how to apply for the visa correctly, which is the best visa for you and a solution for any problems that might occur during the immigration process.