Taxation Attorney

Business planning & taxation attorney is a licensed and accredited lawyer who has extensive experience dealing with all aspects of corporate planning, tax issues, litigation, and business asset acquisition. They help individuals and businesses set up their affairs so that their heirs receive all their assets at the right time, avoid paying unnecessary taxes, and minimize the amount of money they lose from taxes.

Here are some primary responsibilities and areas of expertise for an attorney in this field;

Estate planning

Estate planning is devising a plan for handling your assets after you die. It involves creating a will, revising it and possibly other documents, and ensuring adequate insurance coverage before you die. An estate planning attorney can help you decide what to do with your assets when you are no longer around to make or oversee those decisions.

Business succession planning

An estate planning attorney can help you plan for the future of your business. If you want to transfer your business ownership to the next generation, an estate planning attorney is an expert in helping you do so. An estate, tax, and business planning law firm will provide you with a step-by-step guide on transferring ownership of your company and ensuring that everything is done correctly. An estate planning attorney also handles other legal matters, such as tax and business succession planning. 

Tax planning

Tax planning is a vital part of the estate plan. We can determine how you want to pay your taxes using a trust or other tax-saving vehicles. We can also help you determine if you will be required to make an additional gift on your death or if any assets should be transferred outside your estate plan to minimize taxes.

Charitable planning

Estate planning attorneys also assist with charitable giving. This can include estate tax planning, such as gift annuities and lifetime gifts, and trust administration, including creating trusts for children who have not yet reached age 21. Charitable gift annuities for individuals with disabilities or medical needs, and life insurance planning such as naming beneficiaries before death.

Trusts and probate

An estate plan will dictate how your assets will be distributed after death. The process can be complicated, but an attorney can help ensure that your wishes are honored and that your loved ones receive the assets you want them to have. Most people need to realize that a trust is a legal document that manages assets for someone else. The trustee oversees the funds and decides how to distribute them among beneficiaries. A trust can also serve as a way for a married couple or family members to protect assets from creditors or other parties who might try to take what they own away from them.

Asset protection

Asset protection is the cornerstone of a sound estate plan. This is because it ensures that your assets will be distributed to the people you want to receive them according to your wishes, whether through a beneficiary designation or a trust. It also provides your family with an extra layer of security if you become incapacitated or die prematurely. 

An asset protection attorney will help you create a plan that protects your assets from being seized by creditors and others who might try to take advantage of you during your lifetime. A reasonable attorney will also help ensure that any property transferred into trusts or other vehicles does not get taken back by the donor after they die, which can happen if there are flaws in their estate planning.

Estate administration

Estate administration is preparing and distributing an estate before death or other events that result in a legal distribution of assets. This may include probating wills, administering trusts and estates, settling estates, paying debts, settling claims and taxes, and distributing assets. The attorney will be involved in all aspects of this process, including creating a will or trust, determining heirs and executors, drafting legal documents such as trust agreements, deeds, and powers of attorney, financial planning for estates, and planning for taxes on estates.


Estate and business planning law attorneys help you create a will or trust, which leaves your assets to the people and causes you to care about and helps ensure your family does not suffer from unexpected loss after you are gone. Taxation attorneys help you manage your business and legal affairs to reach your goals without jeopardizing yourself financially.