Private investigators provide various services, including asset searches, which can be highly beneficial. Here’s a quick look at what an asset search entails, the kinds of assets that can be found, and how this information might be useful whether you’re acting on your own or with a lawyer.

Why is an Asset Investigation Personally Beneficial?

Conducting a personal asset investigation can be helpful in many situations, especially in legal contexts. The biggest advantages often come before a court case, but they can also be valuable after winning a lawsuit or during litigation. Here are some instances where understanding someone’s assets can be crucial:

  • Avoiding a Lawsuit with No Collection Potential: It’s one thing to win a lawsuit, but collecting the judgment is another. If the person you’re suing doesn’t have the financial means to pay, knowing this ahead of time can save you the cost and effort of going to court.
  • Insurance Might Not Cover Everything: Businesses usually have liability insurance, but individuals might not, or their insurance might not cover all situations. Knowing someone’s assets can inform you whether pursuing additional compensation beyond the insurance limit is worthwhile.
  • Identifying Assets to Collect from a Judgment: Knowing what assets a person has before filing a lawsuit can guide your decisions. If you already have a judgment, discovering the individual has no assets can be disheartening. Plus, people often hide assets, making it challenging to collect without thorough investigation.

Asset investigations can uncover hidden assets, ensuring that if you win a lawsuit, you can actually collect what’s owed to you. Private investigators have the skills to find assets that an individual may be trying to conceal, providing you with the necessary information to make informed legal and financial decisions.

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