When you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, you will need to seek immediate medical attention. If possible, you should visit an emergency room. Traumatic brain injuries are serious and can affect the brain in many ways. If you or a loved one has been injured, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries. If you are not sure whether you are able to file a claim, consult with a brain injury attorney.

Free consultation for clients

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, you may be eligible for a free consultation with a brain injury attorney. This initial consultation will help you determine whether you have a case and what your options are. TBIs are very serious injuries that can affect you for a lifetime. Some people suffer from them suddenly and without warning, while others may show no symptoms until later on.

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Brain injuries are devastating and life-changing, especially for children. These injuries can take a tremendous psychological, physical, and financial toll. It is important to seek legal representation if you suspect you have suffered a brain injury as a result of another person’s negligence, recklessness, or maliciousness. There may be compensation available for your pain and suffering, and you may be entitled to a settlement.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury and believe that the negligence of another party was the cause, you should contact a brain injury attorney in New York. These attorneys are familiar with brain injuries and can help you make the case more effective. They can visit the scene of the accident, interview witnesses, and collect medical and expert reports. If necessary, they can reconstruct the accident and provide evidence to back up their claim.

Non-economic damages

For a plaintiff to receive a large settlement, they must prove that they suffered damage due to the accident. This could be in the form of physical injuries or disability. In some cases, the damage can also include pain and suffering. The attorneys can help you with this type of claim. These cases require a detailed explanation of the accident.

Non-economic damages are difficult to quantify, and they usually require the use of creative evidence. Some examples of non-economic damages include emotional distress, such as PTSD or depression. Other examples include physical injuries such as abrasions or scarring. Your lawyer may even suggest that you keep a journal to document your experiences.

The compensation you receive for these damages depends on how serious your injury was. If the injury left you with severe headaches or an inability to focus for long periods of time, you may be entitled to a substantial award. In addition to medical bills and lost income, you may also be eligible for loss of consortium.

Workplace accidents that can cause traumatic brain injury

TBI is a common complication of workplace accidents, particularly for workers who handle heavy objects. For example, a warehouse worker could be struck by an object while shelving items. Other occupations that are at risk of causing TBI include airline and dock workers, roofers, plumbers, and electricians.

Regardless of the cause of the injury, workers need to seek medical attention right away. If they are able to get emergency medical care, doctors can help determine whether they have suffered traumatic brain injury. The medical bill for emergency treatment and hospitalization is usually covered by workers’ compensation benefits.

Traumatic brain injuries can be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention. If the injury is severe, the victim may experience seizures or loss of memory. They may even be unable to work or engage in everyday activities for months or years. A few common types of workplace brain injuries include concussions and contusions. The former occurs when a person’s head suddenly moves, while the latter occurs when brain cells are starved of oxygen.