DUI charges in Massachusetts are severe and can have life-changing consequences. If you are facing these charges, you must understand the consequences and your rights. It is in your best interest to hire a Massachusetts DUI defense attorney to help you get the best outcome for your case. Your attorney can give you insights into DUI laws in the state and advise you about the steps to take as you defend yourself. Below are the reasons you should face DUI charges with a defense attorney:

You May Not Understand the Laws

DUI attorneys know and understand the laws that surround DUI cases.  Their expertise and experience in handling such cases can increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome. They know of recent case rulings and developments in DUI laws in the state. Also, your attorney can guide you through the nuances of your case. 

They Help Reduce or Avoid Harsh Penalties

A DUI conviction in Massachusetts carries serious penalties like jail time, license suspension, probation, license revocation, and fines. By having an attorney by your side, penalties can be reduced or avoided. Whether you were wrongly accused or committed a first misdemeanor offense or thought the police officer who arrested you carried out improper procedures, a skilled attorney can significantly influence the outcome of your case. 

Identify Weaknesses in the Prosecution’s Case

Usually, DUI charges are based on subjective evidence Thus, the prosecutor should present evidence to prove you were guilty of DUI beyond a reasonable doubt. Your attorney can look into the evidence presented and the facts of your case to identify weaknesses or inconsistencies in the case of the prosecutor against you.  Also, they can present evidence that contradicts the case of the prosecutor and establish reasonable doubt in the jury’s eyes. This can result in the dismissal of your case or a reduction in sentencing. 

Ensure You Have a Fair Trial

As a defendant in a criminal case, you have the right to a fair trial. To ensure this right is upheld, they will file motions, collect evidence, and negotiate with prosecutors. They are skilled negotiators, so you have a good chance of securing a favorable outcome like a reduced sentence or charge. 

Criminal cases involve a lot of procedures. Missing even one court procedure could negatively impact your trial. Your attorney knows these procedures and will ensure you file all required paperwork correctly and promptly.