You are facing a drunk driving charge in Hawaii and have no clue how to defend yourself. DUI defense is a specialized area of law, and there is no way you can trust any lawyer you find to represent your case. Yes, it would help if you had a criminal attorney, but again, not all lawyers practicing criminal law take up such cases in their practice. Check online or ask around to find a reliable DUI attorney in Hawaii. In this post, we are sharing more on the common strategies that lawyers typically use in such cases. 

You were not driving the car

You need to be physically in control of the vehicle when the police pulled you over. Typically, only when your BAC content was .08 or above could you be charged with DUI. In many cases, this is a good defense for clients facing DUI charges. For instance, if you were drunk and were found sleeping in the parking lot in the backseat of the car, you already have a good defense. 

Alcohol and Drug Test Results were inaccurate

If you were subjected to breathalyzer or chemical tests, your lawyer could challenge the accuracy of these tests. Such tests are prone to accuracy, and if your lawyer has evidence, they can prove that the results are unreliable. DUI lawyers deal with such cases all the time and often have to work with expert witnesses who can explain why the results from the chemical tests are undependable. 

Challenging the officer’s testimony

The arresting officer’s testimony is key to the case, and if they had observed someone was impaired when they were pulled over, the prosecution would rely on that fact. The officer may mention key details like bizarre behavior, rash driving, poor FST performance, and slurred speech. Your lawyer could prove that the officer’s observations were wrong. It is essential to understand that cases are often more complicated, and what defense strategy may work for someone may not work for your case. Talk to your lawyer if this could be your armor to face the charges. 

Your rights were denied

If the arresting officer didn’t mention your Miranda rights or you were denied the right to talk to an attorney, your lawyer could use that in your defense. You may have been forced to say certain things or sign papers which are valid points against the prosecution’s case. 

If you were guilty, a proficient DUI lawyer could help you with a plea bargain too. Get an attorney soon after you are arrested.